Product Tutorial

Would you like to start using NuGen?

You will find that the NuGen is a highly effective and reliable alternative to administer insulin.

1. Contents of the Package

2. Product Overview

3. Installing a 3mL Adaptor

4. Installing a 10mL Adaptor

5. Installing a Nozzle

6. Charging the Device

7. Priming the Device

8. Taking Up Insulin From a 3mL Cartridge

9. Taking Up Insulin From a 10mL Vial

10. Administer Insulin

11. Using a Comfort Ring

12. Replacing the Nozzle

13. Using Insulin From a Disposable Penfill

14. Storage

15. Troubleshooting: Air Inside Nozzle

16. Troubleshooting: Unable to Install Nozzle

No needles, no worries.

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